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Save your memories for generations

Pay one time and save forever.  We believe you shouldn't have to pay forever to keep your memories forever.  A one time payment gives you all the space and tools you need to save your videos and photos for generations to come.  Share and watch them from anywhere on any device.

Future-proof your digital memories

MioTrove helps ensure your memories last for generations as part of your legacy. Our name literally means "my valuable collection". Let us enable video sharing of memories converted to DVD from VHS. No more worrying about future formats, lost or damaged DVD's or not having your memories with you when you want to watch them. Keep all your videos and photos in one place that you can access any time from just about any device.

VHS and film can degrade, DVD's can get scratched or broken, thumb drives can easily get lost or erased. DVD's alreay appear to be a dying format. Ultra-light laptops, tablets and phones lack the optical drives needed to play a DVD.  Microsoft dropped support for DVD playback with Windows 8. Physical distribution is becoming unneccesary with the cloud and improved download and streaming speeds.

Our lifetime cloud service ensures your keepsakes are with you all the time, never get lost or damaged and is totally secure.

If you've already taken steps to transfer your VHS to DVD or want an iCloud alternative to backing up your phone content, we're the perfect place to store them forever for a one time fee.  Don't pay forever to keep your memories forever.  Read on to learn how to best preserve your legacy and sign up for our free trial.

  1. PAY ONCE, KEEP FOREVER - no more endless monthly payments.  Most cloud services want at least $5.99 a month FOREVER for similar services.  That adds up to over $700 for ten years and $1,800 for one generation (25 years).
  2. EASY TO USE - drag-and-drop interface to upload videos and photos to our cloud-based video sharing platform.  No need for you to learn how to use the cloud or learn how to code.  If you can use the web, you can use our service.
  3. SAFE AND SECURE - we employ the latest in security so to give you a worry free backup photo library and videos sharing service. We also give you tools to make sure your content is only seen by people you designate. We guarantee never to lose your content.
  4. SHARE AND VIEW ANYWHERE - our video sharing platform makes easy for you to watch, download or share your content.  Both you and those you share can see your videos and photos on just about any device (PC, phone, tablets and smart TV's).

Want a free test drive? 

We'll give you the full feature exprience for free for 15 days and there is no credit card required for the free trial.  Upload some content, watch it on your devices, share it with friends and put us through our paces.  Click the button to start your free trial.

$ 199

MioTrove Lifetime

Pay Once and Save Forever
100 GB of storage - enough for 40 two hour VHS tapes or 20,000 iPhone photos 

$ 29

MioTrove Yearly

Pay Yearly
100 GB of storage - enough for 40 two hour VHS tapes or 20,000 iPhone photos

$ 99

MioTrove XL Yearly

Pay Yearly
500 GB of storage - enough for 200 two hour VHS tapes or 100,000 iPhone photos

Don't Pay Forever

Other cloud services provide a very small amount of free space and then charge monthly for anything above and beyond the small free offer.  We charge a one time flat rate and you keep the space forever.  You shouldn't pay forever to keep your memories forever.

ProviderPrice5 Yr Cost 10 Yr cost
MioTrove$199 Flat Fee$199$199

MioTrove FAQ

MioTrove is an all new kind of cloud service giving you permanent cloud storage at a reasonable one time price.  MioTrove literally means "my valuable collection".  We want to free you from paying forever to keep your memories.  Get the space and use it to store all your videos and photos.

We offer three plans based on the amount of space you need. You can take us for a test drive with a free 15 day trial that does not require a credit card. The free test is fuly functional and lets you upload content, watch it on any of your devices and even share it with friends and family.

Pick a plan based on how much storage you need (you can upgrade at any time), pay and we send you a link to your private and secure storage.  You can upload your videos and photos and share them with your friends and family.  We've included some great tutorials to make it easy to get started.

Your videos are available via a secure link on the web and can be played on your phone, computer tablet and most smart TV's via a minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface. Because they are in the cloud and on the web, your memories are available to you anywhere you have internet access.

Yes, we provide you with your own private, password controlled account and you can set the level of security you desire for any links you share.  We do not let your videos be exposed to search engines and you can deactivate shared links at any time.

The only thing we prohibit is for storing copywritten commercial content.  I.e. our terms of service prohibit you from storing commercially released videos.

Yes we do, we love referrals!  We provide you with a unique link you can share with your friends and family.  Each of your referrals that pays for a plan gets you a $10 referral fee and there is no limit on the number of referrals you can get.