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We are looking for businesses that create digital content that would like to offer lifetime cloud storage to their customers.  We have a world class consumer cloud program.  We also offer a generous partnership plan that can extend your services, make your customers happy and bring you a new source of income and new customers.

Your customers came to you to preserve their keepsakes – make sure they can see them whenever they want from wherever they happen to be. Don’t just offer them a DVD or thumb drive, give them access to the cloud.  Future-proof their memories with MioTrove.

We’d like to be your exclusive cloud partner. We’ve designed and developed the best service for storing and viewing home movies and pictures. We’ve tested all the major cloud vendors and have found a way to offer the lowest cost, highest performance digital legacy solution.

We offer LIFETIME plans and can save your customers a lot of time and money preserving their digital legacy. Our service is easier to use and costs less than other cloud providers.  Unlike the big brands offering a small free space once and then charging monthly fees forever (Google, DropBox, Apple, etc), we charge once and customers keep the space forever - a much better deal with no hidden gotchas.

We can make it very easy to get going and we can have you up and running in no time. You can be offering a LIFETIME solution to your customers in just a matter of days.  We will even provide you with ready made marketing materials you can send to your customer list, put on your site and use in your own promotion efforts.  Click here to see how much you can earn

No Coding

All the development work is done.  We provide you a custom link to direct your customers that has both our brands visible so customers understand we are affiliated.

Mobile Friendly

Your customers will be able to see and share their memories on just about any device.  Our service works on computers, tablets, phones and many smart TV's.


We apply best in class safety measures along with redundant storage and user controlled passwords to ensure precious memories are never lost or viewed without permission.

Easy Sharing

Customers can easily and securely share their memories with family and friends to get the most value out of your service and expose your company to new customers.


Your customers can view their content from anywhere in the world.  All they'll need is the link we provide you and their login credentials.

Generous Program

We want you to love the partnership so we provide generous payouts and handle all the setup and support for the cloud service provided to your customers.

Get Your Customers the Best Deal

Other cloud services provide a very small amount of free space and then charge monthly for anything above and beyond the small free offer.  We charge a one time flat rate and your customers keep the space forever.  They shouldn't pay forever to keep their memories forever.

ProviderPrice5 Yr Cost 10 Yr cost
MioTrove$199 Flat Fee$199$199